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BulkSMSDubai helps you to grow your business, provide us your required audience group details & leave the rest on us to find best contacts for you. We will determine which people are most likely to respond to your offer. Required target audience can be selected for all GCC countries. BulkSMSDubai offers B2B targeting with premium & non-premium as below:

Business to Business (B2B)

✔ Big Businesses
✔ Businesses Professionals
✔ Executive by Ethnic surname
✔ Female business owners & Professionals
✔ Small Business owners

BULKSMSDUBAI is SMS broadcast maestro

BulkSMSDubai is market leader in providing premium, most updated database for SMS marketing. BulkSMSDubai has done hundreds of successful targeted SMS campaigns on our premium databases.

Premium Databases:

Select from our most refined & current Databases to reach most accurate & potential audiences. Selecting from premium databases you will be able to select group of audiences based on:

✔ Country
✔ City
✔ Area
✔ Gender
✔ Age
✔ Ethnicity
✔ Marital status
✔ Income Level
✔ Home owners
✔ Executives
✔ Interests
✔ Religion
✔ Expatriates

Non-Premium Database

Select from our generalize databases you can reach spread your message to specific country, city or to general public. selecting non-premium will allow you to select people based on:

  • Country
  • City
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Income Level
  • Expatriates


Our process of building Database

Collecting Database from reliable sources such as

  • International Data Suppliers i.e. Kompass, Salesgenie, infousa etc
  • National Data Suppliers
  • Credit data Suppliers
  • Sector specialists

Cleaning, De-duplicating & Integrating

Our experts perform this vital step for building data with correct values. This process
involves validating cities, address, postal codes, phone and fax numbers. Deduplication process is done by using state-of-the-art software to confirm email addresses.


  • The purpose of profiling is to deliver right message to right people.
  • The process to determine where the data can be utilized.
  • Improve the ability to search the data by keywords, description or assigning it to a specific category.
  • Generate metrics on data quality & quantity where it perform particular standards & patterns.
  • To know more about our updated B2C (premium & non-premium) databases count, please visit our dedicated SMS database website

Build your own Campaign (Live Database Server)

BulkSMSDubai offers you unique state-of-the-art Database server with live threads. You can select and execute numerous campaigns with wide range of filters. You can refine your database by selecting your region, area, age group, marital status, professions hobbies and what not to build your own campaign. To know more about our SMS solutions & services, please contact our sales HERE

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BulkSMSDubai is an eminent SMS provider offer reciprocal & instant text messaging service. BulkSMSDubai offer available 360 degree SMS marketing services with full handset level delivery reporting to reassure your gratification.

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